Feral by Grace McGinty

Feral is the third installment in the Shadow Bred Series. The book starts with Kitten a beta meeting Corvin and Beckett while they were out hunting when she was thirteen. Over the years they provided for her since she was living in the woods and foraging for herself. The events of Frenzy where all female betas turned into omegas, their secret was revealed to their male omega Darius and fellow pack alpha Cooper. Kitten learns to become a pack member and be part of their society. The chemistry between the characters was *chefs kiss and to see Kitten grow into her omega status was a pleasure to behold. The backstory of the male characters as well was great. Plus being able to see the event from the end of Frenzy from a different perspective was a nice touch.

Spice: 5/5

Stars: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: knotting, mpreg

POV: Split between characters

HEA: yes

Cliffhanger: No

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