Touched by Darkness By Taylor Fox

This book was really good! It was about Cassandra who is able to tell if someone is lying, it starts out by her accusing the Chosen one that he was cheating at poker. In doing so she accidentally kills him and uses powers she didn’t know she had. She proceeds to be chased by Donatello who is a vampire and keeps her safe until she slips out back to her house. Apollo is a dragon shifter who works for the new council on a special team that handles supes. Shocked by her being his mate, they go on the run since she is wanted for murder. She does add Ren who is a lone wolf shifter to her harem and the guys get along for the most part. It was a slow burn for spice but the cliffhanger and betrayal was rip your heart out. I can’t wait to read the next book!

Spice: 3/5

Stars: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: Murder

POV: Split between characters

HEA: Not yet

Cliffhanger: Yes

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