A Little Badass Set by Pepper Swan

A Little Sinful- Jess left Cricket over 10 years ago and built herself an amazing company in Chicago. But after receiving a call from her mother about her aunts wedding that she wants held at her house she is not expecting her step cousins to be there to help. Anton, Galen and Beau antagonized Jess growing up but instead of it being vindictive its because they wanted her even with how taboo it was. These characters were good and I enjoyed their backstories. The perfect amount of spice.

A Little Reckless- Lexi got an A- in her final that she worked hard on and ruined her perfect GPA. She broke up with Tripp her boyfriend a few months ago and the week of graduation she also slept with Zach and Jonah. A few weeks after graduation she finds out she is pregnant and 3 years later she owns her own business and has an amazing daughter but the only thing missing is a daddy for her little girl. Really enjoyed this gang and the spice!

A Little Naughty- Melinda’s had many Christmas heartbreaks and this year she is trying to avoid it as much as she can. Grandmas have a way of meddling with their grandsons to get them to go out with Melinda for the Christmas season. After going on dates with Nick, Rudy and Kris she is now more confused than ever and is not sure she will be able to decide between them. I really enjoyed the group and individual scenes and the characters were great!

Spice: 4/5

Stars: 4/5

Trigger Warnings: None

Cliffhanger: No

HEA: Yes in each book

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