Lost Feather by Merri Bright

This book was so good! Feather has lived and died for the past 400 years watching over her charges. On her final one she is caught by Gavriel covered in smut. He has no idea what to do with her and wants to unmake her. Mikhail is the Great-Souled, The Maker of Sanctuary and when he comes to know her he finds himself smiling and feeling anything more then he has in centuries. Righteous has made her life difficult in Sanctuary but can’t help but feel drawn to her. Then there is Rumple who has been with her through all of her lives and has made there the protector her wards need her to be. This book has lots of spicy tension and the t-shirts for Mikhail killed me. I can’t wait to read the next book and the cliffhanger is a doozy!

Spice: 3/5

Stars: 5/5

Trigger Warnings: Check to be sure

POV: Split between characters

Cliffhanger: Yes

HEA: Not yet

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